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Race four at this Saturday’s 2011 Golden Slipper is the 2,000m Vinery Stud Stakes valued at $400,000. The 2011 Vinery Stud Stakes, one of five Group 1 features on the Golden Slipper Day programme, has drawn a final field of 11 three-year-old fillies lead by the Michael Moroney-trained Brazilian Pulse.

English Derby Results

With specific focus on English horse derbies let us explore in this article the opportunity the internet has availed up for punters across the world including Australia.

As the cyberspace opens up a world of opportunities for all and sundry, the betting world has not been left behind. A simple analysis of English derby results today has shown that a significant number of punters placed their bets online. More and more bettors are continuing to place their bets online even though the traditional method of betting at the bookmaker’s stand still remains popular with many bookies developing efficiency to make sure you spend less time on the queue. If you want to place your bet online, remember that with affordable broadband internet connections reaching even the most far-flung ends of Australia, time and distance are no longer constraints that will impede you from participating in any event at any location on the planet. You are given as fair a chance of placing a winning wager on your favorite horse as a punter in England.

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Every major bookmaker has a website on which punters can place bets and get info related to the events they are running. One of the beautiful things about online betting is the quality and amount of info available for the aspiring punter. Among what you have at your fingertips is up-to-date news on upcoming events, detailed knowledge bases on particular horses, reviews by a wide assortment of your fellow punters etcetera. Let’s not forget the most generous odds available on races throughout Australia and the world. Looking for new English Derby odds or Melbourne Cup odds? No problem. Online betting sites have you covered. Based on such info, you can make considerably well informed bets online.

Emerging a winner in online English derby results is subject to some basic preparation on the part of the punter. To do well in horse race betting you need to learn more about racing as a sport as well as understand the fundamentals of betting. Below are some important issues to look at before placing your bet online. Observing these simple principles will maximize your odds of coming away a winner.

The Bookmaker

Before proceeding to the other details of the derby, the prospective punter must choose an appropriate bookmaker. One of the advantage that online betting offers you is variety. You can choose from a wide range of bookmakers available online. Verify the credibility of an online bookmaker by talking to other people who have used online bookmaking services. Careful scrutiny of reviews on different betting forums on the internet can provide useful information on reliability and track record. Of course, it will be sensible to compare deposit options and fees of various bookmakers before settling for one.

After choosing the bookmaker then you can proceed to the details of the race.

The Trainer

Like coaches, trainers come in varying levels of competence. A great horse trainer for instance must not only be good horseman, he must have excellent managerial skills in order to coordinate the efforts of whole stables. There are numerous databases containing statistics on trainer track record that are available online. Checking up these will point out which ones are likely to produce winners and give you good working knowledge that should aid you in placing an intelligent wager.

The Jockey or Handler

The importance of careful consideration of the jockey in the case of a horse race cannot be overstated. Statistics show that each season a certain set of riders seem to win a majority of races. Of course, most jockeys ride one horse virtually all season. The horse and its handler are a team and as the saying goes, any team is only as strong as its weakest member is. A good horse with a weak rider will not accomplish much. Check the jockeys for superior riding technique, strength, intelligence, good judgment, timing and an ability to communicate with the horse.

The Horse

The fitness of the horse will determine its winning odds to a large extent. The smart punter will study training schedules and carefully examine dates of recent races. A horse that has been in a race recently is more likely to be fit than one that has been away for some time.

For example, consider the quality of competition horse has can compete favorably against. A look at the prior conditions under which the horse has raced will give you a good idea on what you can expect. A horse is less likely to win if it cannot show a past ability to do so against similar competition

Individual horses generally do better at certain distances. Few are adaptable enough to handle both short and long races equally well. Examine listed races to determine if the horse has done well at the designated distance. Do not gamble on a horse to do something it has never done before. A consistent winning record is also an important factor to consider in your choice. You must consider both the year and overall career winning records before betting. A consistent performance record is more important than one good recent race.

Before you make a final decision, you need to establish that the horse is in good present form. Examine finishes of its most recent races to see if it is racing well and competitively. Statistics show that a horse that has recently won or has been reasonably close is more likely to win a race. Select horses that appear to be in form or rounding to form. That said, be cautious of ones that have a good racing history but show signs of tailing off. Other variables you may consider include speed records, weight etcetera.

All this might sound like a whole lot of homework, which it certainly is. Any perceptive punter will tell you a winning bet is never based on sheer luck. Reliable information and experience plays a big role. The good news is that as we have seen there is loads of information available online. Quality information is no longer reserved for a select insider clique. Therefore, whether your dream is to be listed as a winner in English derby results or some other form of sport gambling the internet opens up that world for you. With a few clicks of a button in the comfort of your home in any part of Australia, you can contact a bookmaker anywhere in the world and start to place your bets.